The Pricing Bundle

The Seasoned Grocer - Pricing Bundle Course
Knowing and understanding the differences between your mark-up and your margin is important, and no more so than when negotiating with store buyers or wholesalers and distributors. Getting your product pricing is vital to ensuring your business is viable.

Course Description

This bundle of episodes, extracted from the full Artisan Food Producer’s Course, will help you understand and calculate margins and mark-ups to ensure your prices make profits. This is one area you cannot afford to get wrong. This short course is self-paced and can be replayed again and again during the 12 months after sign-up.

Discounted Upgrade for Full Course:

If after completing the Pricing Bundle you would like to upgrade to the full Artisan Food Producer’s Course, then you can offset the full cost of the course with your Bundle cost!

Who is this course for?

Maybe you’re a confident start-up, perhaps you’ve been trading at markets or direct to consumers already but have you priced your product to give you a profit to grow? And are you aware of the differences between margins and mark-up? You’re not alone as even experienced producers can often mix them up. Knowing those calculations could make the difference between good and bad negotiations when dealing with store buyers and wholesalers or distributors.

What you'll learn

  • How to calculate margin and mark-up on your product.
  • How to work out your product price
  • Why getting these details right matters!

This course includes

  • 2 essential fact-based episodes
  • Easy to follow downloadable worksheets and forms

Your course mentor

Stuart Gates has been associated with the speciality food and retail business for some 40 years that has seen him hold major buying and product development roles for retail brands, dealing with suppliers and mentoring many artisan food companies on how to sell to retailers. In this course Stuart, through the form of interviews, makes it simple to understand key elements necessary for a sound food business and put you in a strong position to take the next steps forward to success.

Course Content

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