The Artisan Food Producer’s Course

The Seasoned Grocer - Artisan Food Producer's Course
The Seasoned Grocer's Artisan Food Producer Course is designed to guide you as you start and grow your food business. With experienced advice, we'll help you take your food-producing dream from your kitchen table to the store shelf.

Course Description

The Seasoned Grocer's Artisan Food Producer Course is packed with experienced advice from Stuart Gates, THE Seasoned Grocer. Artisan food producers are taken through the various vital steps of any new food business with 12 essential fact-based episodes that cover initial setting-up, through the tricky stages of pricing to make profits, understanding margins and mark-ups, finding selling channels right through to presenting to store buyers. This course is self-paced and can be replayed again and again during the 12 months after sign-up.

With easy-to-follow downloadable worksheets and forms as aids, this course puts you in control of your learning and your business.

Who is this course for?

Whether you’re a food start-up newbie unsure of first steps or you’ve been trading a while and now ready to grow, you can benefit from a great food business mentor.

This course has been created by the Seasoned Grocer to guide artisan food producers from basic first steps right through to tips on negotiating with store buyers. All key stages of a new food business are addressed so you can learn, or check, that you’ve established the best structure for your business and leave you with an understanding of the speciality fine food sector.

What you'll learn

  • You will get a unique insight into what is expected of an artisan food business by store buyers.
  • You will learn what to consider when starting your business at home, how to establish your List Price, the difference between Margin & Mark-Up (and the perils of not knowing that), negotiating with buyers and much more.
  • You will benefit from the wide experience of a trusted and highly recommended food business specialist, Stuart Gates, the Seasoned Grocer.

This course includes

  • 12 essential fact-based episodes
  • From setting-up business to presenting to buyers
  • Easy to follow downloadable worksheets and forms

Your course mentor

Stuart Gates has been associated with the speciality food and retail business for some 40 years that has seen him hold major buying and product development roles for retail brands, dealing with suppliers and mentoring many artisan food companies on how to sell to retailers. In this course Stuart, through the form of interviews, makes it simple to understand key elements necessary for a sound food business and put you in a strong position to take the next steps forward to success.