Collaborating with The Seed Fund

By Stuart Gates
Published 12th February 2021

The Seasoned Grocer is delighted to be partnering with The Seed Fund during February 2021 on a promotion for artisan food & drink start-ups. The Seed Fund will already be known to many artisan producers for their wonderful Seed Academy Programme which has helped fledgling food and drink businesses to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, the 2020 Seed Academy was cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions, and cancelled again in 2021, but both the teams at The Seasoned Grocer and The Seed Fund wanted to offer an alternative to new and up-and-coming food and drink producers.

So, this month new subscribers to The Seasoned Grocer’s Artisan Food Producers Course can sign up with a 50% discount coupon. To get the coupon follow Instagram feeds @seasonedgrocer and @theseed_fund. The Artisan Food Producers Course offers important advice on creating a food business covering the essential financials, how to work out List Price, how to prepare for meeting and negotiating with Buyers, and much more.

But this isn’t the first time I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with The Seed Fund!

I first met Jayne Noblet and Caroline White, the powerhouses behind The Seed Fund, in 2018 whilst judging at The Great Taste Awards…

I first met Jayne Noblet and Caroline White, the powerhouses behind The Seed Fund, in 2018 whilst judging at The Great Taste Awards and subsequently I became one of the extensive mentoring team appointed in 2019 to the Seed Academy Programme. Mentors were tasked with assessing the many talented producers who were being selected for a years’ worth of valuable support.

I have to say the experience of being a mentor on the Seed Academy Programme was extremely enjoyable. Jayne, Caroline and the Seed Fund team assembled a range of experienced mentors that were second to none in the speciality food arena. This gave the emerging producers that were selected for the programme a vast well of knowledge to draw from. The young producers were able to ask advice from established producers, people with investment skills, industry key influencers, distributors and, in addition, all were nice people to be around who had a common goal of helping the next generation.

The producers selected soaked up advice like sponges. We sat across a table discussing topics such as prices, packaging, production, and learning what buyers wanted. This gave the producers all the guidance they needed to prepare properly for contacting and, ultimately, meeting buyers.

The association with The Guild of Fine Food is a natural one. Many Guild experts were on the Seed Academy mentoring team, and the star producer of the Seed Academy year was announced at The Great Taste Dinner.

Kinda Co. was named as The Seed Fund’s 2019 champion.

Fingers crossed for Seed Fund 2022, but producers should use 2021 to get ready as the competition standard next year will be high. And there’s no better way to start by making sure you have a grounding in essential basics – hence the collaboration and a special pricing offer for The Artisan Food Producers Course.

Well done again to Jayne, Caroline and all at The Seed Fund and let’s all look forward to continued successes and collaborations.

Illustration: Mark Nolan

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